2-3 Elder Spirit retreat
4 Mindfulness program 7:30 pm
5-11 Road scholars
14 Priest meeting
25 Private event
27 Garden Club meeting
1 Whitetop Yoga Retreat
4 Homeowners luncheon
2 Mindfulness program 7 pm
6 Insurance Women's party
7 Newcomers Christmas TGIF
8 Private Party
13 Private Party
14 lunch meeting and church dinner
15 Private Party
17 Retired teachers meeting
19 Abingdon Newcomers
24 Family dinner
25 Private Gathering
3-6 Vira Bhara Yoga
13-18 Habitat for Humanity stay
15 EFIA Board meeting
16 Abingdon Newcomers 
19 St Thomas Vestry retreat
26 William King Museum of Arts Board meeting
20 Abingdon Newcomers
26 Garden Club
12 Youth Workers Appreciation Dinner
13-17 Christian Medical and Dental Missionaries
22-23 Abingdon Presbytery Retreat
26 Garden Club  
28-31 Men's Cursillo
5-6 St Anne's Catholic Retreat
12-13 Ballard Health Cancer Retreat
15 Parish Nurses Retreat
21 Easter
26-27 Carmelites Retreat
29-2 Casey Explorers
 Check for details in Events tab or by email/calling. Thanks.

Our Calendar

This calendar lists our confirmed events/dates for use of our gathering room. Two other meeting spaces are available.

  • What a delightful surprise when I recently attended a retreat at Jubilee House. The grounds are breathtakingly beautiful. The meals were outstanding. We have already scheduled Jubilee House for our retreat next year.

    Recent Visitor | Jubilee House
  • Beautiful surroundings. Spotless rooms. Could not have enjoyed our 3 day retreat more. A blessing for all who visit seeking a closer union with our God.

    Recent Visitor | Jubilee House
  • Rustic and homey - the lodges have quiet prayer corners overlooking rolling green pastures. The warmth and hospitality were really appreciated and made my recent stay at Jubilee House heavenly and memorable - I will be back again soon.

    Recent Visitor | Jubilee House

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